Nuova Alleanza Art and Restoration Laboratories offers a strong blend of artisanal skills, historic art techniques, science and innovation, to guarantee excellence in the art of restoration.

We are a team of restorers with a full range of specialisations, drawing on further multidisciplinary partnerships for certain works, in order to respond to almost any need in the conservation and restoration fields, both for movable works, such as:

  • paintings on canvas,
  • panel paintings
  • furniture and objects in lacquered, gilded and polychrome wood,
  • sculptures in wood, stone, plaster and terra cotta,
  • ceramics,
  • works on paper;

and in historic building restoration:

  • frescos and wall paintings,
  • decorated wood ceilings,
  • surfaces in stone,
  • relief works, fine plasters and mouldings,
  • correction of structural instability, repairs.

Experience and skill, in addition to constant research and professional updating, ensure excellence in addressing any problem. We are able to solve complex situations, at times apparently unresolvable, for extremely delicate works and unusual materials.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any need. We are available for consultations and estimates without any obligation on the client’s part.