Nuova Alleanza works directly with private clients, but thanks in part to its specific qualifications and certifications, it is also a trusted company for services to public and church institutions, national heritage superintendencies, national and local museums, foundations and institutions.

The company is specifically qualified in “Planning and execution of conservation-restoration for works of art; paintings on canvas and panel, wall paintings, decorative surfaces, sculpture and art objects; planning and execution of operational techniques.”

Nuova Alleanza is recognised by the Society of Certification Bodies (SOA) in category OS 2-A (Class III): “Decorated surfaces and immovable cultural properties; movable properties of historical, artistic, archaeological and ethno-anthropological value”.

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Excerpt, Art. 357 c. 12-ter (D.P.R. 207/2010, as amended and supplemented): “Certifications under categories OS 12, OS 18 and OS 21, per attachment A of d.P.R. n. 34, 2000, and under category OS 2, as defined under d.P.R. n. 34, 2000 and issued in regulatory decree by the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities, 3 August 2000, n. 294, as amended and supplemented, issued under d.P.R. n. 34, 2000, can be applied, until the prescribed date of expiry for each certification, for the purposes of participation in calls for tender requiring the respective qualifications in categories OS 12-A, OS 18-A, OS 21 and OS 2-A, per attachment A of the present regulations”.