Restoration of movable works

Our years of professional experience together with ample, highly-equipped laboratories with all the required safety systems, permit the ideal methodologies for different types of works, as dictated by the preliminary diagnostic analyses.

We deal with paintings on canvas and wood of every era, from spectacular renaissance altarpieces to precious icons, from modern to absolutely contemporary paintings (Monet, De Chirico; Warhol), often addressing unusual materials and unconventional techniques. Specifically equipped lab areas permit simultaneous coordination of the different phases of intervention: consolidation, cleaning, pictorial integrationinfill and retouching, and the most demanding operations concerning supports (repairs, linings of different types, installation of cradling).

Our sculpture laboratory has dealt with all types of materials: wood, stone, plaster, terra cotta, raw clay, ceramic and papier maché, from numerous ancient archaeological pieces up to the works of Rodin, from plaster masterpieces by Canova to Arturo Martini’s studies in clay.

We are frequently called on to assist public museums and foundations with varied types of furniture, decorative arts and objects. Individual collectors and dealers also appreciate our ability to offer specific responses to technical, aesthetic and commercial demands. We are particularly capable in restoration of prized finishes, such as gilding, silver leaf, Venetian and Martin lacquers, and others.